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Oreo Turkeys with a Heart

Oreo Turkeys

It seems everyone has their own version of an Oreo Turkey.  This is mine.  It’s the same Oreo turkey I’ve been making for the last 12 years. 

What makes these Oreo turkeys unique compared to most others, is that every turkey has a heart.

It seems most people who make Oreo turkeys use whoppers for the body or the head while mine uses a cordial cherry.  It’s big and beefy like a turkey body and comes with it’s own heart.

In our house we make these Oreo turkeys either before Thanksgiving to hand out to neighbors, friends, teachers and family or we’ll wait until Thanksgiving day as a task to keep the kids busy while the adults cook. 

We’ve even used these as place card holders for the table.  Each spot gets one with a piece of paper stuck in between the body and feathers with the persons name.

These make a fun kids activity {with adult supervision or you’ll be missing candy!} and require only 4 ingredients!  I’ve had children as young as 2 help me make these.

Start a new tradition with your kids this year and whip up a special version of Oreo Turkeys with a heart!  Because everyone deserves one!

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Oreo Turkeys
Oreo Turkeys
Oreo Turkeys
Oreo Turkeys
Oreo Turkeys
Oreo Turkeys
Oreo Turkeys
Oreo Turkeys
Oreo Turkeys
Oreo Turkeys
Oreo Turkeys with a Heart

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes

Yield: 1 Oreo Turkey


  • 1 Regular Stuffed Oreo
  • 1 Cordial cherry
  • 7 Candy Corn Candies
  • 2 Red Hots
  • Frosting, any flavor


  1. Cut the yellow ends off two candy corn, set aside.
  2. Cut the white tip off of 1 of the above candy corn, set aside.
  3. Twist Oreo apart.
  4. Pipe or spread frosting onto entire inside of one side of Oreo.
  5. Place 5 candy corns, white tip down onto Oreo to create feathers.
  6. Pipe or spread small dime size dollop of frosting onto one side of other Oreo piece.
  7. Gently place Cordial Cherry onto dollop.
  8. Glob a small amount of extra frosting to the back side of cherry and press tail feathers onto cherry. You may need to re-secure feathers as they may loosen.
  9. Gently place a dot of icing onto front of turkey for two eyes and beak.
  10. Place eyes and beak onto turkey.
  11. Add frosting to each foot and stick to turkey.
  12. Devour immediately or set aside. These last up to 3 days in a sealed container or fridge.


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