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Blueberry Pretzel Salad

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Blueberry Pretzel Salad is an easy but delicious salad perfect for holidays or summer get togethers! You’ll absolutely love the flavor combos and so will everyone else who eats it!


Main image for Blueberry Gelatin Salad


This mix of tangy blueberries, creamy layers, and a crunchy pretzel base is out of this world!

I know what you’re thinking but I’m serious! I love this salad! Or maybe I should call it a dessert… ah whatever! It’s delicious!

This blueberry Jello pretzel dessert or side dish, which has a combo of sweet and salty with blueberries and cheese. It’s a match made in heaven!

It’s got a crunchy pretzel base, smooth cream cheese layer, and soft, jelly-like top. So all the best textures in one!

And serve it for anything! Summer potluck or a special holiday meal? This salad fits right in!

Feel free to swap out blueberries for your favorite fruits. Totally customizable!

From kids to adults, this blueberry pretzel Jello salad is sure to win over the whole family! A family favorite crowd pleaser kind of dessert!


All ingredients laid out on counter for Blueberry Gelatin Salad


What Ingredients Are in Blueberry Pretzel Salad?

This blueberry Jello salad recipe is perfect for special occasions or late night snacking (guilty!) 

Here’s what you’ll need to grab from the grocery store:

  • Berry Blue Jello: Vibrant blue colors and sweet berry flavor.
  • Frozen Blueberries: Fresh, tangy taste! You can also use fresh blueberries.
  • Cream Cheese: Ahhh. The creamy layer! Don’t user flavored cream cheese.
  • White Sugar & Brown Sugar: So sweet! So yummy!
  • Cool Whip: For the cream cheese topping.
  • Pretzels: Crushed for a crunchy, salty base.
  • Butter: Melted butter helps bind the pretzel base together.

Pro Tip: 

  • For the best texture, let the package cream cheese soften to room temperature before mixing.
  • Let the frozen whole blueberries thaw and drain so they don’t release too much liquid in the salad.


Berry Blue Jello made in a bowl.


How to Make Blueberry Pretzel Salad

Summer potlucks get ready! This layered blueberry Jello salad is going to be one of your favorite desserts!

  1. Dissolve the blueberry jello in hot water and let it cool. This is the gelatin mixture.
  2. Mix crushed pretzels with melted butter and brown sugar, then bake to a crispy texture.
  3. Blend the cream cheese with sugar and fold in Cool Whip, then spread it over the cooled pretzel base.
  4. Evenly distribute fresh berries over the cream cheese layer.
  5. Carefully pour the cooled Jello mixture over the blueberries to form the top layer.

Pro Tip: 

  • Pour the Jello mixture gently so you keep the distinct layers in the salad.
  • Cold water won’t mix properly! Make sure your cups of water are boiling.


Pretzels crushed and broken in a ziploc bag


Is Blueberry Pretzel Salad a Dessert or a Side Dish?

This delicious recipe can be used as either a dessert or a side dish!

It’s sweet enough to be a dessert but also makes a perfect side dish for holiday meals like Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner. 

Though I wouldn’t exactly call it a salad if you think of baby greens when you think of salad.

But its got a unique combination of flavors and textures so it fits well in either category.


Butter, pretzels and sugar mixed together and pressed into a casserole dish. Baked and out of the oven.


Can You Make Blueberry Pretzel Salad Ahead of Time?

This blueberry congealed salad is an excellent make-ahead dish. 

You can prepare it a day in advance.

That makes it perfect for gatherings where you want to minimize last-minute prep. 

Which means basically every holiday party!

Just cover it with plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator.

I also LOVE using this salad for baby reveal parties or baby showers for a boy.

It’s already blue so I don’t need to add any food coloring. And it tastes so good too! So wins all around!


Cream Cheese and sugar mixed in a mixing bowl


How to Store Blueberry Pretzel Salad

To store Blueberry Pretzel Salad, cover it with plastic wrap or place it in an airtight container and refrigerate. 

It stays fresh and delicious for up to three days. 

So it’s also great for meal prep! Get all the kids desserts prepped for school for the week?

This salad is so good they totally don’t mind eating it again and again for lunch! Neither do I actually!


cream cheese mixture spread over pretzel mixture


Can You Freeze Blueberry Pretzel Salad?

No, I don’t recommend freezing the cut blueberry salad at all.

The texture of the cream cheese layer and the gelatin might change.

Frozen and then thawed it becomes…kinda grainy? Not sure the best way to describe that.

Either way, you’ll lose the contrast that makes this dish special. 

For best results, enjoy it fresh or store it in the refrigerator.


Blueberries dotted on top of cream cheese mixture.


Is Blueberry Pretzel Salad Gluten-Free?

This recipe, as is, contains gluten due to the pretzels. 

However, you can easily make it gluten-free by using gluten-free pretzels. 

All the other ingredients are naturally gluten-free. Yay!

So it is pretty easy to change it up for those with dietary restrictions.

Of course, this is definitely still a dessert. I wouldn’t put these kind of recipes in the healthy recipes section.

But it’s can still be gluten free! So that’s a good thing!


Jello Poured over blueberries and cream cheese mixture in casserole dish and chilled


Can I Use Other Fruits in Blueberry Pretzel Salad?

You can absolutely use other fruits in this salad! Feel free to get creative! 

Swap blueberries with other fruits like strawberries or raspberries. 

You can also experiment with different Jello flavors like grape gelatin, cherry gelatin or blackberry jello to match your chosen fruit.

You can totally find your own perfect recipe combo!

Raspberry Pretzel Salad and Strawberry Pretzel Salad are two of our other favorite combinations!


side view of a slice of berry blue jello salad


What to Serve with Blueberry Pretzel Salad

This salad can be served with all sorts of things! Serve it alongside savory dishes at a summer potluck or as a light dessert after a holiday meal. 

It pairs well with grilled meats, fresh salads, or as a standalone treat for a sweet end to your meal.

Here are a couple of dessert recipes you can add to your dessert table with this Jello salad:

If you serve this as a side dish for kids, here are a few side dishes you can whip up to serve with it: 


top view looking down at 3 slices of Blueberry Gelatin Salad on plates


So, grab your electric mixer, a large bowl, and let’s whip up some Blueberry Pretzel Salad magic! It’s the perfect blend of flavors and textures that will have your family and friends asking for seconds. Enjoy!


Yield: 16 Servings

Blueberry Pretzel Salad

zoomed in image of a slice of Blueberry jello salad with pretzels on a palte

Dive into a delicious Blueberry Gelatin Salad! A perfect blend of crunchy, creamy, and fruity layers for any occasion!

Prep Time 45 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 2 hours


  1. Preheat oven to 350*F
  2. Combine dry Jello and boiling water. Mix until jello has dissolved. Set aside to cool.
  3. Crush pretzels in a Ziploc bag with a rolling pin.
  4. In a saucepan over medium-low heat, melt the butter together with the brown sugar.
  5. Once melted, add crushed pretzels.
  6. In a greased 9x13 cake pan, pour out the pretzels and flatten them out. No pretzels should be stacked on top of one another. It’s okay if there are some small spaces between pretzels, the sugar and butter will fill these in the oven.
  7. Put the pretzels in the oven and bake for 10 minutes.
  8. While pretzels are in the oven, mix together the cream cheese and white sugar in an electric mixer or with a hand mixer.
  9. Fold together the cream cheese mixture and cool whip.
  10. When pretzels have cooled, spread cream cheese mixture over the top. It is essential that you seal all edges so the jello does not sleep into the pretzels and make them soggy
  11. Evenly spread frozen blueberries over the top of the cream cheese mixture
  12. Using a large spoon, pour the cooled jello mixture over the blueberries. Pour the jello onto the back of a spoon so you do not penetrate the cream cheese.
  13. Refrigerate for 1 hour or until jello is set.
  14. Slice and serve.



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Thursday 8th of February 2024

My brother in law from the midwest devoured half of this salad himself at a recent family potluck! Such a great combination of sweet, creamy and salty flavors.


Wednesday 28th of February 2024

Ha ha! I have a few brother in laws who could do the same! So glad it was a hit!


Tuesday 6th of February 2024

Such a classic "salad" -- this is my kind of salad too! Haha! I made it for a baby shower, people loved it and asked me for the recipe! Thanks for making me a hero!

Laura Ashley Johnson

Monday 5th of February 2024

We had a family birthday over the weekend and there wasn’t one spoonful of this left! It was so pretty and everyone loved it!


Wednesday 28th of February 2024

Happy Birthday to your special person! So glad this could be a part of it!


Thursday 1st of February 2024

Just made the Blueberry Pretzel Salad for a family BBQ, and it was a smashing hit! The combination of salty pretzels, creamy filling, and sweet blueberries was divine!


Thursday 1st of February 2024

I love pretzel salads, and this blueberry version with the blue jello was not only yummy, but so much fun!


Wednesday 28th of February 2024

A hit with kids and adults for sure April!

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