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See’s Fudge, A Copycat Recipe

This See’s Fudge is a copycat recipe takes 15 minutes to make and is hands down the best fudge recipe I’ve ever had.  It tastes just like the real thing!

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See's Fudge, A Copycat Recipe
See's Fudge, A Copycat Recipe
See's Fudge, A Copycat Recipe
See's Fudge, A Copycat Recipe

I feel like the last few posts, have been far more personal than I’ve ever gotten with my readers.  

So I guess we’ll continue our personal journey of you getting to know me as I’m about to let you in on another Janelle-ism.

I am 100% obsessed with See’s Candies.  


See's Fudge, A Copycat Recipe


They are hands down my all time favorite, above all others, chocolate.  

I’m a sucker for their Nut’s and Chew’s and love them all except for the Rum nugget they slip inside the box.

Every time I get a box of Nut’s and Chews, I play a little game with myself and see how long I can go before I get that one.  


See's Fudge, A Copycat Recipe


See’s does not include a “guide” to know which chocolates are which in their boxes.  

However I can tell you what every one of them are.  EXCEPT the rum.  It looks identical to another and I always play a guessing game with them.  

I refuse to slice it open to see and must take a bite.  


See's Fudge, A Copycat Recipe


I grew up in Washington State and See’s Candies was a staple there.  It has always been a weakness of mine and some how, everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve somehow managed to live within an hour and half of a See’s Candies retail location.

That is until recently. 

Recently my family and I went down to the Twin Cities to Mall of America.  


See's Fudge, A Copycat Recipe


Every time we go to Mall of America we stop by the See’s Candy shop and pick up a treat.  

I love how when you walk in the door they offer you a free sample {Yum!} and we always buy a goodie.  

My kids always ask for the Little Pops and we usually oblige, because we love them too!


See's Fudge, A Copycat Recipe


However, the Universe is trying to tell me something because when we went there this last time, they were closed. 

GONE, no where to be found.  

And in their place was a Lindt Chocolate Shop.  


See's Fudge, A Copycat Recipe


My 3 year old was BEYOND ecstatic as Lindt Chocolate Truffle Balls are his all time guilty pleasure {he too is a chocolate snob}.  

I however am not tempted by them.  They really do nothing for my chocolate palate.  

When I saw my beloved See’s Candies was no longer at the mall, and thus no longer (to my knowledge) in the state of Minnesota, I felt like I’d been stabbed in the heart.


See's Fudge, A Copycat Recipe


I’ll have to get my See’s fix now only when I go visit family out west and that wont be but once a year at the most.  

And so what is a girl to do?

Well, start figuring out how to make my favorite See’s chocolates from home!  


See's Fudge, A Copycat Recipe


This recipe comes from a cookbook that my grandmother gave to me many years ago and is called “Mrs. See’s Fudge”.  I have no idea if it’s really Mrs. See’s Fudge or where they got the recipe.

But what I do know, is that it is the best, smoothest, creamiest tasting fudge I’ve ever had and tastes just like See’s Chocolate Fudge.  

This See’s Fudge takes only 15 minutes to make and is ready generally within an hour!  


See's Fudge, A Copycat Recipe


It’s easy, creamy and apparently our favorite local fire department is raving about it from when we dropped off a batch to say Thank you for all they do for our community!  

If you love fudge, give this a try!  It’s our favorite and I hope it will become yours too!

See’s Fudge, A Copycat Recipe

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 16 pieces


  • 6 Tablespoons salted butter
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup leveled semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 (5 ounce) can (or 2/3 cup) evaporated milk
  • 10 large (not giant, just normal large) marshmallows cut in half.


  1. Line a 8x8 baking dish with parchment paper or non stick foil, making sure to cover edges. Set aside.
  2. In a large bowl add butter, vanilla and chocolate chips, set aside.
  3. Put sugar, milk and marshmallows in a heavy 6 quart sauce pan.
  4. Over medium heat, bring mixture to a boil and boil for 5 minutes, whisking continuously.
  5. Pour mixture over chocolate.
  6. Using a spatula, mix together until butter and chocolate is melted and mixture is well blended.
  7. Pour fudge into prepared dish.
  8. Allow fudge to set for 1 hour or until it is hard and no longer soft. This will depend on where you live. You can place it in the fridge to speed up the process.
  9. Remove from pan and slice up.
  10. Store extras in an air tight container.

Recipe by: Patsy Bybee found in the “Generations” cookbook



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8 thoughts on “See’s Fudge, A Copycat Recipe

  1. I made this fudge today exactly as your recipe said and even put it in the fridge for a couple hours and it is still soft and not hard. Why would it not be hard?

    • Hi Julie! Something has gone wrong. There are only 3 reasons I can think of as to why the fudge would be soft.
      1) You put too many marshmallows in. Which I don’t think is the issue.
      2) Your chocolate chips didn’t melt fully. You need to stir the fudge mixture until all your chocolate is melted. Again I don’t think this was the issue.
      3) You didn’t cook it long enough. Did you start your 5 minute timer AFTER it was boiling or before? It needs to cook for a full 5 minutes at BOILING.

      I’ve made this fudge about 20 times in the last 2 weeks in 4 different variations and it’s turned out perfect every time. The fudge should start firming up as soon as you put in in the pan. After 30 minutes it’s hard enough to touch without leaving a dent and within and hour it’s hard and ready to cut (well if it’s not placed in a hot environment). the fridge would firm it up even faster.

      Since your fudge is still soft, then I’m guessing you didn’t cook it long enough.

      So sorry to hear this happened. I hope you’ll try again. 🙂

    • Barbara you have me scratching my head. I have no idea why it wouldn’t. I’ve made this recipe and variations of it at least 50 times and never once had it not work. I’m so sorry to hear this and wish I could give you some kind of advice but I just don’t have any. 🙁

    • Well Google tells me that 10 mini marshmallows = 1 large marshmallow, though that seems quite high to me. I’ve not tried it with mini so I can’t really tell you for sure so maybe go with 8 mini to 1 large = 80? Total guess though. Let me know if you figure it out.

  2. I have this recipe for fudge as well only slightly different. It was passed down from my mother when I was a child. My recipe calls for one half cup of margarine and three quarters cup of chocolate chips instead. I boil for exactly six minutes, no more no less. The rest is the same. It is truly the best fudge I have ever tasted. If one does not get the boiling part right, it will not set properly.

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