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Lemon Whipped Cream

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Lemon Whipped Cream is a lemon lovers dream come true! Made with only two ingredients, it’s simple, delicious, and perfect on almost everything! The ULTIMATE easy recipe.


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We all love a little whipped cream topping, am I right? But you know how to make it better? Lemon! 

The bright lemon flavor combines with the light and airy whipped cream to make a topping you’ll want to dig your spoon right into.

I love that this lemon curd whipped cream recipe only uses two ingredients! Lemon curd and regular whipping cream!

I also love that it comes together fast! I’ve made whipped cream so many times over the years, and adding the lemon to it doesn’t take any more time.

Plus, I can use lemon curd cream on almost everything! Cupcakes, cakes, pies, angel food cake, or fresh fruit!

And finally, I love that it’s so fresh. There’s no added sugars. Which means you can taste the pure cream and lemon!


heavy whipping cream in a mixing bowl, unmixed.


What Ingredients are in Lemon Whipped Cream

Here’s the very simple ingredients you’ll need to make whipped cream with lemon curd.

  • Lemon Curd: Lemon juice, lemon zest, eggs, butter, etc. It’s creamy, smooth and addicting!
  • Heavy Whipping Cream: Make sure you get heavy whipping cream, not whipped cream. They’re totally different things.

Pro Tips: 

  • Keep your ingredients cold! It makes for a creamier whipping cream that comes together faster.
  • Add as much lemon curd as you desire. The right amount of lemon flavor will be different for each person.
  • You don’t need powdered sugar as the curd is already sweet enough.


blended whipped cream in a bowl


How to Make Lemon Whipped Cream

Making a homemade whipped cream with lemon recipe is super simple!

  1. Beat Whipping Cream: When stiff peaks form, your whipping cream is ready for the lemon curd.
  2. Add Lemon Curd: The only thing you need to fold in is the lemon curd. Eat immediately!

Pro Tips:

  • Don’t overmix the heavy cream. Overbeating can cause it to develop a grainy texture.
  • Save your arm some work and use an electric mixer. Do things the easy way!
  • If the metal bowl and whisk attachment are cold, the cream will form quicker into stiff peaks.
  • Toss some lemon peel on top for a fun garnish!


lemon curd added to whipped cream


Can I Add Lemon Juice to Whipped Cream?

You can add lemon juice to whipped cream! While lemon added to milk can cause it to curdle, it doesn’t have the same effect when you’re making whipped cream.

Instead, the lemon juice, when mixed in with the other ingredients, adds a nice flavor to the whipped cream.

Of course, I recommend adding not just the lemon juice but the lemon curd. It’s a sweet treats and all of the ingredients are the perfect addition to whipped cream.

Does Lemon Curd Curdle Whipped Cream?

No, lemon curd is different from fresh lemon juice.

When making lemon curd you actually cook the lemon juice and zest into the eggs and butter and sugar.

This negates any effect the lemon curd would have on the whipped cream.

So it definitely won’t curdle!


whipped cream with lemon curd in a bowl


What to Make with Lemon Whipped Cream

So many ideas of what you can eat with lemon whipped cream! It’s very versatile!

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t start with the simple recipe that got me started making it in the first place.

Lemon Lover’s Cupcakes. Incredible flavor, these gourmet cupcakes are the ideal way to use your lemon whipped cream.

Plus it also uses a delicious lemon buttercream frosting! You can’t pass that up! Any type of citrus cakes or pound cake are also really good with the cream frosting taste.


close up of lemon whipped cream in cup


More Easy Desserts You’ll Love…

Also try the lemon whipped cream recipe on a bowl of fresh berries or mixed into an Italian Soda! So many great ideas!

Use it as a filling, or topping! The sky’s the limit! You could use it in between cake layers even!

Okay, I’ll stop! It’s just that you can use it on almost everything!

I just probably wouldn’t use it in any main dishes but instead save it for the cream dessert table.


side view of lemon curd whipped cream


Can I Make Lemon Whipped Cream Ahead of Time?

Yes! I like to make things ahead of time, especially before a big party or event!

So go ahead and make this lemon whipped cream up to 24 hours before you’ll need it.

Just be sure to keep it refrigerated in an airtight container or it’ll deflate and separate quickly.

How Long Does Lemon Whipped Cream Last?

I have noticed that after 24 hours, the lemon curd tends to separate from the whipped cream.

That can easily be remedied by mixing it back together.

If stored in the refrigerator, you can keep the lemon whipped cream for up to three days. After that it’s safest to toss it.


beater covered in whipped cream


Can I Freeze Lemon Whipped Cream?

Absolutely! Toss that whipped cream into a freezer safe container and let the freezer do the rest!

When you’re ready to use again, thaw in the fridge overnight.

You may need to mix it back together as some separation may occur between the cream and lemon curd.

But it’s a safe way to make your whipped cream last longer!

Your lemon whipped cream will last for up to three months if properly stored.

Be sure not to forget it in the back of your freezer by writing the name and date you froze it on the container.


top side view of whip cream in glass


Lemon Whipped Cream is a simple and easy topping or filling that comes together in minutes. It’s perfect for serving on everything and as enjoyable to eat as it is to make!


Yield: 2 cups

Lemon Whipped Cream

close up of lemon whipped cream in cup

Lemon Whipped Cream is a lemon lovers dream come true! Made with only two ingredients, it’s simple, delicious, and perfect on almost everything! The ULTIMATE easy recipe.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes



  1. Beat heavy whipping cream until stiff peaks form.
  2. Fold in lemon curd.
  3. Taste to ensure the right amount of lemon flavor. If not quite lemony enough, add 1/4 cup more.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 125Total Fat: 12gSaturated Fat: 8gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 4gCholesterol: 44mgSodium: 22mgCarbohydrates: 4gFiber: 0gSugar: 4gProtein: 1g
Originally Posted: September 2, 2016

Photos & Text Updated: July 12, 2022



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Ann Berumen

Wednesday 16th of May 2018

These look amazing. I'm going to try this for a relief society get-together tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.


Friday 2nd of September 2016

Do you cut the cupcakes


Saturday 31st of March 2018

I did not. I just shoved the piping tip inside the top and squeezed. The cupcake will poof a little and one it does, pull your tip out and frost.

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