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Ground Vanilla Bean Powder

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Homemade ground vanilla bean powder is a simple yet rewarding recipe. The rich flavor of vanilla will make every dish taste like a gourmet masterpiece.


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We are back with more vanilla goodness today! Have you made your own vanilla extract yet? Try this Single Fold Vanilla Extract – so yummy!

Have you ventured into making double fold vanilla recipe with its more concentrated flavors?

Or maybe you want a way to use the beautiful fresh vanilla bean flavors without needing to use any alcohol. 

Today we are going to talk about how to make vanilla bean powder whether you live in New Zealand or the British Virgin Islands, you are able to make a great vanilla product that will give a beautiful flavor to all your favorite recipes.

I am not talking about Starbucks vanilla bean powder. That is a sugar powder mix. Which is fine, but today we want pure vanilla beans powder.

It is an amazing ingredient to keep in your kitchen that can be used in so many different ways. You can use vanilla bean powder for coffee without extra sugar, alcohol, or cream. You can sprinkle it on fresh fruit. But also it is great in desserts and savory dishes too.

And it is simpler and easier to use and store than vanilla. (I keep mine in a cool dark place with all my other spices.)

And it can be ready to use in 2 days instead of over a year.

Have I convinced you yet? It is time to make your own organic vanilla bean powder.


fresh vanilla beans laid out on cookie sheet


What is Ground Vanilla Bean Powder?

Vanilla bean powder is exactly what it sounds like. 100% pure vanilla beans ground into a powder that tastes like all the best vanilla you have ever had.

This treasure is made from the slow drying and grinding of fresh vanilla beans. It gives you an authentic vanilla experience without messing around with alcohol in your pure extracts.

What ingredients are in ground vanilla bean powder?

  • Fresh Vanilla Beans: the entire bean is the base for the powder, giving you a pure vanilla flavor.

You will also need:

  • Parchment Paper: Used to line the baking sheet and facilitate the drying process.
  • Coffee Grinder: Essential for transforming dried vanilla beans into a fine powder.

Pro Tip: Make sure the coffee grinder is clean and dry before use. If you have residue, use it to make coffee bean vanilla powder which is also delicious.


Vanilla Beans drying in the oven.


How to Make Ground Vanilla Bean Powder:

  1. Place vanilla beans on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
  2. Put your tray of beans in the oven and turn the oven light on.
  3. Leave them to dry out until you can snap into pieces. 
  4. Break the dried beans into pieces.
  5. Grind vanilla bean pieces in a coffee grinder.

Pro Tip: If you need to use your oven, just pull the beans out and move them to a safe, dry place before you preheat the oven. They can sit on the counter until your oven is cooled again where they will go with the light on. The light is enough heat to dry them out without burning the whole vanilla beans.


Dried out vanilla bean being snapped in half


Does it matter what kind of vanilla beans you use to make Ground Vanilla Bean Powder?

No, it does not matter what kind of vanilla beans you use to make vanilla bean powder. You can use grade A, B, or extract grade and get a great product. 

You can use beans from South Africa, French Polynesia, or Cape Verde and get great powder. If you grow your own vanilla beans at home in the United States, the United Kingdom, or even inside Vatican City, you can get great vanilla powder.

Vanilla is kind of like wine because depending on the soil and the climate where it is grown it will have slightly different notes and flavors, while still remaining that great vanilla we know and love. So vanilla grown in French Guiana will have a different flavor than vanilla grown in Sri Lanka.

Use beans you have available to you that you enjoy the flavor of.

Pro Tip: My favorite beans to use are ones I have used to make vanilla extract with. So if I used Tahitian vanilla beans to make extract, and I do not want to add them to a mother jar of vanilla, I would take those beans and dry them to make vanilla powder. 

While already extracted beans will have a more mild flavor than fresh beans, they both make a great product with beautiful vanilla flavor you can use everywhere in the kitchen.


broken vanilla pods on counter


What Do You Use Ground Vanilla Bean Powder In?

Vanilla bean powder can be used in anything you normally put vanilla extract in. It is a great addition to homemade ice cream, cookies, and desserts, especially sensitive ones like macarons that can’t have too much liquid mixed in.

But ground vanilla beans are also great in savory dishes, and not just in sauces and marinades. Try them in homemade spice rubs or even sprinkled on roasted sweet potatoes. 

You can sprinkle pure ground vanilla beans on anything you love to eat to give it a perfect vanilla twist.

Pro Tip: Use ground vanilla powder anytime you want beautiful black specks of vanilla beans in your dish. While they look like fine black pepper, they taste like a beautiful vanilla.

Sometimes using the vanilla caviar will add too much liquid to a recipe, but this is a great way to get that lovely vanilla visual appeal without changing the liquid ratio in your dish.


broken dried out vanilla pods in a grinder


Is Ground Vanilla Bean Powder Organic?

Yes, vanilla powder is organic. Actually all vanilla beans are organic.

The vanilla plant is an orchid plant that cannot handle pesticides or any spray. It is hand pollinated and curated very carefully. 

Many vanilla bean farmers cannot afford the organic seal, but vanilla beans you purchase from Papua New Guinea to Costa Rica have likely been grown with purely organic practices.


measuring spoon scooping a portion of vanilla powder out of bowl


Does Ground Vanilla Bean Powder Have Dairy?

No, vanilla powder is dairy-free. It is a great ingredient to use or gift to those with lactose intolerance or who live a dairy-free lifestyle.

Is Ground Vanilla Bean Powder Gluten-Free?

Yes, vanilla bean powder is naturally gluten-free. It is a safe and delicious addition to gluten-free diets.


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Is Ground Vanilla Bean Powder Keto?

Absolutely, vanilla bean powder is keto-friendly. You can add this rich flavor while keeping to a strict ketogenic diet.

Is Ground Vanilla Bean Powder Sweet?

Vanilla bean powder is not sweet like sugar. But vanilla adds a subtle sweetness to dishes without the need for additional sugar.


vanilla powder in jar laid out on counter with some sprinkled powder next to it


Is Ground Vanilla Bean Powder Vegan?

Yes, ground vanilla bean powder is vegan. It is entirely plant-based, making it a perfect choice for vegan and vegetarian diets.

What is Ground Vanilla Bean Powder Used For?

Ground vanilla bean powder is used to add vanilla flavor into a variety of recipes without adding extra liquid. From desserts to beverages and beyond, ground vanilla bean powder adds a great vanilla flavor without the alcohol that is in pure vanilla extract or the sugar you find in vanilla paste or vanilla sugar.

It is also used for any homemade vanilla bath products. You can use it to make homemade bath bombs, bath salts, and even vanilla goat milk soap.


Vanilla Bean Powder spilled on counter


When it comes to recipes you can use your vanilla bean powder in, just add in a sprinkle anytime you add in vanilla extract.

If you need a little vanilla flavor without the extra liquid, reach for this powder too! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Ground vanilla powder is a beautiful item to keep in your kitchen. Use it when travelling and you don’t want to bring you vanilla bottles, use it for gifting to people who are liquor free, or sprinkle it on anything in your kitchen to give it an amazing vanilla twist.


Ground Vanilla Bean Powder

measuring spoon scooping a portion of vanilla powder out of bowl

Homemade ground vanilla bean powder is a great way to use vanilla beans! It is the pure essence of vanilla that will make your dishes pop.


  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Lay vanilla beans on parchment paper and place in your oven.
  3. Turn your oven light on and let your beans dry out slowly for 24 to 48 hours, depending on their size.
  4. If you need to use your oven in the meantime, remove beans, bake and then place beans back into a cool oven with light on.
  5. Once beans are fully dried and snap cleanly, they are ready to be ground. Before Grinding….
  6. Break dried beans into 1 inch pieces and place in a clean coffee grinder.
  7. Grind up beans to a nice fine powder.


Any type of vanilla bean can be used. Fresh beans will pack more flavor, but spent beans are just as great.

Spent beans means that they have been extracted and removed from vanilla extract. Don't toss them, whip up this vanilla powder and use them up!


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Tuesday 14th of May 2024

I used the Ground Vanilla Bean Powder in my baking this week, and I'm amazed by the depth of flavor it adds! It's a game-changer for my cookies and cakes.


Tuesday 14th of May 2024

Wow, I had no idea you could make this yourself! This is so much more cost-effective than buying it at the store, and more fresh! Thanks for the great news!

Erin | Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

Tuesday 14th of May 2024

Making my own vanilla bean powder was a game-changer! I can't believe how much flavor it adds to everything! Now this will be a regular in my kitchen for sure!


Monday 13th of May 2024

I can't wait to try making this! I learned so much about how versatile the vanilla bean powder is and I didn't know it's so easy to make it at home! Thanks so much for sharing!


Monday 13th of May 2024

I love the idea of making my own vanilla bean powder. You can't get fresher than homemade.

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