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The Best Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich

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Looking for The Best Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich?  Look no further!  Turkey, cranberry sauce and cream cheese create the base of this amazing sandwich.  Put it all on a croissant and you have the BEST sandwich ever.


The Best Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich - Main image for recipe of turkey & cranberry sandwich on plate


This really is The Best Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich I’ve ever had.

The entire time I was eating it, I kept saying, oh my gosh…this is soo good.  Wow.

Over and over again.


The Best Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich - All ingredients to make sandwich laid out on table


You might think it’s just a plain boring, typical leftover turkey sandwich recipe, but it’s not.

It’s so much more than that.

First, we start with the croissant.

It’s buttery, flaky and compliments all the other ingredients nicely.


The Best Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich - croissant split open with left side smeared in cranberry sauce and right side smeared in cream cheese


Second, we have our secret weapon when it comes to a good sandwich, cream cheese.

If cream cheese isn’t a staple in your sandwiches, it’s time to upgrade.

Creamy, smooth and what I would call the comforting flavor of cream cheese adds a lot to any sandwich and especially to The Best Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich ever!


The Best Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich - sandwich open with slice of turkey now on top of cranberry sauce and leaf lettuce on top of cream cheese


Third, EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING rests on what cranberry sauce you use.

Use one you love.

If that means it’s canned jelly or canned whole or homemade, use it.

For me, my all time favorite, hands down, cannot even begin to describe how good it is cranberry sauce is my Raspberry Cranberry Sauce.

The main reason is because it has Raspberries.

One of my ALL time favorite summer fruits is Raspberries.


The Best Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich -Finished sandwich on plate - look at side angle


Now before you go on thinking it’s an odd choice to mix raspberries and turkey, let’s just point out that the combination of white meat and raspberries is a well know, well documents, and well loved combination.

So it’s only right to add them to my cranberry sauce and then to The Best Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich.

However, as I said earlier, use what you think is the best.

Canned, homemade, whole or smashed.

This is a great way to use up your leftovers and SOOOO easy.


The Best Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich - Finished turkey sandwich on plate looking down and side angle


This sandwich is a great leftover meal.

It’s a great lunch or dinner or in the car road trip sandwich.

There isn’t any goopy mess falling out of your sandwich and the flavors all compliment each other so well.

I really am serious when I say this is one of my favorite sandwiches.

In fact, I love it so much, I’m eating it AGAIN today!

Now that you know one of my favorite ways to use up leftover Turkey, tell me what some of your favorite ways are!

Yield: 1 Sandwich

The Best Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich

The Best Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich - zoomed out view of Turkey & cranberry sandwich with a little cranberry sauce squishing out.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • Croissant or bread of choice
  • 2 Tablespoons whipped cream cheese
  • 2 Tablespoons Raspberry Cranberry Sauce or any cranberry sauce, but this Raspberry Cranberry Sauce is the best.
  • Leafy Green Lettuce
  • Turkey - hot or cold. I prefer cold.


Cut Croissant in half.
Spread one side generously with cream cheese.
Spread the other side generously with cranberry sauce.
Add Lettuce and turkey.
Fold over and devour.


My best tip is to make the Raspberry Cranberry Sauce. Seriously, it makes this sandwich.

Sharing is caring!

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Thursday 1st of August 2019

Nice base to work with for a turkey sandwich. But why would you have raspberries compete with the cranberries? It's one or the other, and with a Thanksgiving theme, I'd only use the cranberries. The cream cheese is a good option, but I'm going to experiment with a little schmear of both the cream cheese and mayo for the tang.


Wednesday 7th of August 2019

Gary, I completely understand your raspberry cranberry combo question. I add raspberries for the same reason many add oranges and cinnamon. Because it creates a whole new flavor combo that is delicious. It's like saying why add chocolate to strawberries. Strawberries are great on their own. But they are ALSO (if not better) with chocolate! You can definitely use plain cranberry sauce or any flavor for this sandwich. Raspberry is just a favorite of mine with this sandwich.


Monday 28th of November 2016

We call this (in New England) a Cranky Turkey Sandwich. If you want t make it "scoash" more healthy, add a layer of green leaf lettuce. OH, so good!


Thursday 1st of August 2019

Connie, I'm from MA and never ever heard of a cranky turkey sandwich, and I have a very large family. But in Googling that term, I do see it's a thing. We never used cream cheese, which I guess is the cranky part, but I don't get that, either. We just make leftover sandwiches with the turkey, cranberry, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes and some mayo. BTW, if you look at the recipe scoash more, she does include lettuce.

Betty Nelson

Sunday 27th of November 2016

Now we need your cranberry/raspberry sauce recipe!! Sounds wonderful!


Sunday 27th of November 2016

Hi Betty! In the recipe itself is a link to the Raspberry Cranberry Sauce already on my site from last year. I've also added a link to the text too so hopefully that help too! Keep watching as I have another recipe coming soon with another way to use up leftovers of my Raspberry Cranberry Sauce too. So if you make it, there are PLENTY of ways to use it up including this sandwich!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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