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Sartell Community Center Indoor Playground

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The Sartell Community Center offers a fun, indoor playground for kids all year round. This inside playground is perfect for toddlers and children of all ages!

Address: 850 19th Street South, Sartell, MN 56377

Hours: Hours change based on the season, so check the website before you go.
Monday – Saturday: 7:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Website:  Sartell Community Center

Cost: The Play Center is free for Sartell residents and $3 per child or $5 per family for non Sartell residents.

Who can use it? The indoor playground is open to the public, not just those that live within the city limits.

Bathrooms: The bathrooms are located just outside the play center.  However if you need a changing table, you’ll have to go down the hall to the family restrooms. The toilets are automatic flush.

Requirements:  Children must wear SOCKS!

Sartell Community Center KIDSZONE: 

When the days are long, it’s time to get out of the house and run, run, run!  The Sartell Community Center kids indoor playground was what many of us deemed a gift from God.

Oh how we have been DYING to have a local community center (something that does not exist in St. Cloud, Minnesota).  And not only did we get one but the play area is free to Sartell residents.

Sadly in September of 2019, the city of Sartell decided to start charging non Sartell residents to use their facilities.

The other cities around Sartell do not have a community center and very few indoor activities for children. Which makes it sad for those WITH children because they now have to pay to play.

The fee is $3 per child or $5 per family per visit for those who live in the surrounding cities.

My dear friends if you have not been to this indoor playground for toddlers and big kids alike, then it’s time to go check it out!

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you that its the best community center we’ve ever been to.  It’s actually quite low on the list.  It’s a smaller community center.  Which was fine when it was free, but now that there is a fee for many of us, it may not be worth it anymore.

The KidsZone is smaller than most community centers and there aren’t enough chairs (or room for more chairs) when it’s a busy day. The other downside to this toddler indoor playground is that there isn’t a bathroom located within the play space.

There is one located just down the hall however, which is inconvenient if you have multiple children and have to gather them all up and leave the area just to take one to the bathroom.  

Despite being smaller, I can tell you that the city of Sartell has done an amazing job with what they have.  I love how they used the space and height to their advantage and built a good play structure with great indoor playground equipment. 

Despite the lack of chairs, there is a great window shelf along two of the walls where you can sit or place your things!  Which was great planning on the city’s part!  There are several features that I enjoy about this children’s indoor playground.

I love how there is space all around the structure to walk, skip, jump or run (if there aren’t a lot of children there). Another part of the Sartell Community Center Play Room is an interactive wall with various puzzles the have been known to make a grown up stop and think.

They also offer fun simple things even that would deem this acceptable as a baby indoor playground!

Overall, I give this indoor playground one thumb up when it comes to an indoor open play activity that will keep your kids busy on a snowy or rainy day!

Though not as big as other community center play spaces, this smaller play space is just what we needed!  I’ve learned that since moving here, Minnesotans support indoor playgrounds. 

If you’ve ever searched for ‘indoor playground mn,’ then you are doing parenting right!  Yes you could go to the mall playground or on an adventure through the snow, but instead I suggest you check out Sartell’s indoor play structure!  Located just outside of St. Cloud, MN you’ll find plenty of free fun here at the Sartell Community Center!

You’ll find climbing structures, a slide, balancing toys, peek-a-boo bubbles, thought provoking wall puzzles and more.  Plus many of the items are soft play equipment.

My kids have the most fun when there are other kids to play with.  So feel free to bring a a group of people with you or just a friend or two!

However if you go when there aren’t other kids, then join your child and climb the structure, go down the slide and create your own obstacle course. During our last visit it was just my son and one other child who was much younger and didn’t want to play with a friend. 

So my son and I ended up playing tag as we ran around the play structure.  We laughed, shrieked and just about died of exhaustion from all the running!


Within the Children’s Play Space is a locked room.  This is the party room.  If you wish to host a birthday party or a private event within the play space you can rent the play space and the party room!

The play space is currently going for $20/hour for residents and $25/hour for non residents. It is rented in 2 hour increments.

These slots are from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm or 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

The party room is an additional fee of $15/hour for residents and $20/hour for non residents.

So if you wanted to have the entire space for 2 hours plus the party room you’d be looking at a party package of $70 + tax for residents and $80 for non-residents.

This is a STEAL of a deal!  Just think of all the money you’ll save on decorations and the time you’ll save on cleaning and preparing your own home for a party!  After the party you’ll earn the best parent award from your kids!


The one big tip I should warn you about though is don’t forget to bring socks!  Before walking into the room, a big sign on the door stating that socks are required.

Check the calendar before you go!  Especially if you are going on a Saturday or Sunday.  Because they do offer parties, the room is often booked.

You certainly don’t want to drive all the way over there just to find the playground is closed due to a private party!  So check their calendar.  Once you click on the link, look at the bottom of the page where it will say KidsZone Calendar.  You can find the link HERE.

If you’ve not had the chance to check out the Sartell Community Center indoor playground you really should!  It’s the best way to burn off some energy in a fun, safe environment!  Plus while you’re there, snoop around and check out all the Community Center has to offer!

Looking for more fun indoor playgrounds here’s a few of our favorites!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.