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Rainbow Play Systems

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Rainbow Play Systems in St. Cloud, MN offers an indoor play option during the winter months! Trampoline, basketball hoop and multiple swing sets all inside will keep your kids busy for hours! When it comes to things to do in St. Cloud, MN, this place is a favorite family activity!

Address: 3606 Roosevelt Rd, St Cloud, MN 56301
Pay to Play Hours: Monday – Friday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (not available Saturday & Sundays)
Show Room Hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm & Sunday: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Website: St. Cloud Showroom
Cost: $7.00 for 2 hours
Bathrooms: 2 individual stall bathrooms
Requirements: Socks
Things to know:  There is a no food or drink policy within the facility.  Water is fine, however nothing sticky or snacks that will make the equipment messy and unusable. 


During the winter months boots get muddy, wet and sloppy.  So to prevent snow and mud being tracked along the entire showroom, there are coat hooks for your coats with space under for children’s dirty boots.  Your first stop will be here. 

Parents of course can keep their shoes on, however if you are planning on playing side by side with your children on the equipment you can take your shoes off too. After the kids kick off their shoes and scope out the place, you can make your way to the back of the snow room to the big desk with chair. 

Generally someone is always here. If they are not, just wait a moment and they’ll return.  This is where you’ll pay and fill out the legal forms – AKA if your child gets hurt you take full responsibility for it, not them.

Pay your money, fill out the form and then drop your bags off and find your children again!

The entry fee is for a 2 hour block of time.  There are no wrist bands or timers set as the entire place runs on the honor system.  However, 2 hours of non stop running, climbing and jumping will wear your antsy children down, don’t you worry!


Have you ever wanted to bring your outdoor trampoline indoors?  If so, then Rainbow Play Systems will be a dream come true for you.  As a child playing on our family trampoline was one of the greatest forms of entertainment that life could offer.   

Learning how to do front flips, back flips and play crack the egg were always fun with friends.  Now my children can enjoy those same things during the winter with Rainbow Place’s indoor trampoline!

Withing the first few minutes of entering the doors, my kids make a beeline for the trampoline.  I would estimate we spend at least a quarter if not half our time on the trampoline.

The Rainbow Place trampoline is large, spring free and includes a tall netting around the trampoline so no child can fall off the trampoline while having fun.  You’ll also find a small basketball hoop connected to the trampoline netting and a few balls to play with.  My son loves to shoot hoops while jumping a gets excited every time he makes a hoop.

Lucky for everyone the netting around the trampoline is high enough that the balls generally stay within the enclosed walls.  Only on occasion (and with a little bit of effort from those trying) do the balls magically get tossed outside the trampoline. This of course is not recommended as a flying ball can hurt an unsuspecting child.  However if a ball does make it outside the net, they are softer than a typical basketball.

Despite the size of the trampoline and it’s ability to have a group of children on it, there is a 2 person at a time policy while playing.  This is purely for the safety of your children so do not panic.  This is a great opportunity to teach your child about taking turns and waiting patiently.


Rainbow’s indoor play ground is better than anything you’ll find at an outdoor park.  With  multiple swing sets your children are guaranteed to burn a few calories! 

So what is up with all the play sets inside?  Well technically this is Rainbow Play Systems indoor showroom.  The best way to understand what you see in their catalogs is to physically show you. 

This is why you’ll find a variety of models and options throughout the showroom.  Your children can also try out the various slides and figure out which one they like the most as well as what features they like and do not like.  

Despite being an actual showroom, they also allow the community to come in and use their swing sets as well.  You’ll find every play system labeled with a price and can always ask the staff member questions you may have about extras.

We’ve found that about once every two years they do a shake up and bring out new play set models.  When this happens, the smell of cedar is almost overwhelming.  However after a few weeks, the entire smell neutralizes. 

Currently there are 6 large play sets, a trampoline and a basketball hoop.  However in the past they’ve also had a small toddler / exercise trampoline as well as multiple basketball hoops at various heights.  

Each play ground has at least one slide plus multiple experiences for children.  These could include, climbing walls, monkey bars, peek-a-boo bubbles, twisty tunnel slides, traditional swings, tire swings, baby swings, boat swings, see-saw swings, and more. 

You’ll also find that two of the current play systems on display have little play houses and lemonade stands.  Buy yourself a cup of fresh squeezed pretend lemonade, an air cookie or let your kids pretend to play school inside the little houses.     

Each city that has a Rainbow Place Showroom will have it set up different as well as different hours, so check before you go.  This will depend on the size of their showroom as well as needs within the community. 

As for the St. Cloud, MN showroom you’ll find that they have plenty of space for your kids to have fun and make the investment worth the money {hopefully!}.


As you pull in you’ll see several basketball hoops in the parking lot on display.  Inside there is usually at least one basketball hoop available for use.  However this is not a guarantee. 

The same balls used in the trampoline will be the ones used for the basketball hoops.  If you find that the hoops are too high for your children, you can ask the staff member to drop the hoop to the lowest setting.


The answer to this question is always revolving.  What is offered today may not be available tomorrow.  However you should be able to find most of these every time you go:

  • Slides in various lengths, heights and styles.  BEWARE:  The slides are INCREDIBLY fast.  So keep an eye on small children.  
  • Swings – both baby and tradition swings are available for the child who just loves to chill!  This is also a great way to teach your children how to pump their legs!
  • Boat Swing   
  • Climbing “walls” to get up to the slide level of a few of the swing sets.
  • Tunnels – small tunnels to get from one part to the next of some swing sets.
  • Peek-a-boo Bubble – Every kid loves to sit in the peek-a-boo and wave to their parents.
  • See-Saw Swing – the swing with two people who sit across from each other and work together to go higher and higher.
  • Tire Swings
  • Monkey Bars – these are what I consider very high.
  • Rope Ladder – great way to learn balance and coordination. 
  • Hanging Bars & hanging rings
  • And much more!


Generally you are running around with your child the entire time so sitting isn’t a priority.  There are a few chairs around the showroom to plop your stuff onto as well as a picnic bench you can hang out on as well!  We’ve met up with friends for play dates here and the kids always have more fun with a variety of children to play with.


Yes!  Feel free to climb up the structures, slide down the slides and swing to your hearts content.  Just watch for other children running around! Rainbow Play Systems make high quality, long term play systems that can endure just about anything! 

So don’t worry about these structure not being able to hold your weight or abilities.  You’ll be fine and it will give you a chance to see just how durable these are.


If you keep your eyes open, you’ll occasionally find deals for Rainbow Play Systems on Groupon.  I’ve seen both coupons for open play as well as birthday parties.


Yes they do!  Their party room can accompany up to 20 children, but an adult is required for every 4 children playing.  Call for all the party details and pricing!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.