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St Cloud Mall Play Area

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The St. Cloud Mall is a go to destination for kids of all ages!  Offering a kid friendly play area with soft, climbable structures. Also known as Crossroads Center or Crossroads Mall, it is a perfect place to hang out between shopping, on a rainy day or during a snow storm!

Address: 4101 W Division St, St Cloud, MN 56301 (park between Target & Macy’s and enter through the mall doors between.  The play area is right when you walk through the doors!

Crossroads Mall Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm; Sunday: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm – Hours subject to change throughout the year.

Crossroads Mall Website:

Cost: FREE!  However the electronic vehicles are $0.75 per ride with a change machine close by.

Other Fun Things to do at Crossroads Mall: Check out the food court to grab a snack or hang out with friends, enjoy a gumball or candy treat from one of the many quarter machine displays throughout the mall or window shop at your favorite stores!

Bathrooms: 2 Family Restrooms + large Men’s & Women’s restrooms. Toilets are AUTO FLUSH!! Family bathrooms offer child sized and adult sized toilets plus sinks and changing table.  Semi private changing area also available behind a wall by the Mother’s Lounge.

St. Cloud Mall Play Area

If there is one thing you can count on when ever you move to a new area, it’s a kids play area at the mall.

St. Cloud Mall is no exception.

When visiting the St. Cloud Mall, also known as Crossroads Center, you’ll find an almost enclosed play area full of soft climbable play structures for kids of all ages.

St. Cloud Mall Play Area

The theme is the great outdoors with a Monster truck in the mud, a tunnel tent, tunnel log, fish, turtles, dragonfly, flowers and a dock they can pretend to fish from!

The Crossroads Center play area even has wall toys for little kids kids too!

St. Cloud Mall Play Area

However, one of my favorite features is that there is an AMPLE amount of space for adults to sit and relax while watching the kids play!

I especially love how the mall seems to have thought of just about every need a family might have and found a way to accommodate nearby.

There are two drinking fountains at varying heights as well as a water and pop machine that you can purchase a cold beverage from.

St. Cloud Mall Play Area

Two family bathrooms which have ample room for a stroller, wheelchair and all of your shopping purchases.

Each of these family bathrooms offer a child sized potty as well as an adult sized potty and two sinks at varying levels.  There is also a flip down changing table in each bathroom.

St. Cloud Mall Play Area

There is also a large Men’s restroom and Women’s restroom for those who do not need access to a family restroom.

As a mom with a small one still in diapers I especially appreciated that there was a stand alone changing area with sink behind a wall from onlookers but separate from the bathrooms.

When we were there recently, both family bathrooms were occupied so we used the open hallway changing area, which worked great and provided plenty of privacy!

Crossroads Center Shopping Center has also included a Mother’s Lounge room with a comfortable chair and a door that locks for your privacy.

In addition to the play area, you’ll find tables and chairs to enjoy a snack or beverage.

There are also 5 different coin operated ride on toys.

These can be enjoyed non-moving for free, or moving for a fee of $0.75 per ride.

St. Cloud Mall Play Area

Let’s be honest though, how many times have we told the kids they were “broken” just so we didn’t have to shell out the $0.75?!

These toys are fun with or without money!

Kids love to climb in and pretend to be on all sorts of adventures while on them!

The mall has posted clear play area rules just outside the play area.

This make it so that there is no confusion as to who is and is not allowed to play.

  • Children who are no taller than the bear’s finger (42 inches) may use the play area. (No adults allows on play equipment)
  • Please remove shoes before playing.
  • No food, drinks, running or jumping allowed.
  • Climbing on the surrounding benches is not permitted.
  • Use play area at your own risk.
  • Play area open during all mall shopping hours.
  • Crossroads Center is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  • Crossroads Center has the right to restrict play area to children in violation of thees rules.
St. Cloud Mall Play Area

In addition to all these wonderful features, there are massage chairs close by.

However, not close enough to watch the kids while getting a massage.

There is also a hand sanitizer machine just outside the play area.

We LOVE these machines as you never know what kind of germs one might get while having fun in a public play area.

Sanitizing your hands before and after is always a great idea!

St. Cloud Mall Play Area

The one downside to the St. Cloud Mall Play Area is that is seems to not be very wheelchair friendly.

The play structures are pretty close together though it appears a wheelchair can get around them.

However most of the toys are for climbing on, not rolling around.

If you’re looking for something fun to do that is indoors and kid friendly, give the St. Cloud Mall (Crossroads Center) a try!

Also keep an eye on the Mall’s website for other fun events that they offer all year long!

Personally, I love spending days at the mall with my daughter.

She loves playing at the play area!

Afterwards we love heading to the food court for lunch and to grab a cinnamon roll for dessert.

We also love looking inside Claire’s (or as my daughter calls in, the “unicorn store”), or walking around Target (which offers Starbucks!).

The mall is a great place to run errands too!

Target is located right next to the play area.

Kids behave better for shopping after burning off some energy!

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