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Mango Salsa Dogs

Easy Mango Salsa Dogs are a fresh tasting summer meal that are ready in minutes!

Mango Salsa Dogs

This summer I’ve been obsessed with my Mango Salsa. 

 It’s easy to make, fresh tasting and addicting.

Because I’ve loved it so much, I’ve been experimenting with it in various meals. 

It’s delicious by itself and therefore should be delicious with other items. 

Take for example our Sweet Pork & Mango Tacos. 

The flavors of the Sweet Pork & Mango compliment each other quite well. 

Plus both items can be made ahead of time and then tossed together for a new refreshing lunch or dinner! 

I love meals like that. Where you can take leftovers, or items from your fridge and toss them together to create something new!

That is a bit like these Mango Salsa Dogs.

We were doing a fire one night and decided to do hot dogs.

I happened to have some Mango Salsa in the fridge and thought to myself, I wonder how Mango Salsa would taste with a hot dog?

I then tried it and was quite impressed at the delicious combination of flavors and hooked.

Mango Salsa Dogs (or Mango Dogs for short) have become a tasty twist to the old school classic hot dog.

The kids of course weren’t about to try them – too strange for them, but we adults like them.

Simple, fresh and another way to enjoy our favorite Mango Salsa!

Now you don’t have to be like us.  You don’t have to slow roast your hot dog over a fire. 

You can easily grill, boil, nuke, bake or fry your hot dogs.  Really whatever your favorite cooking method is, go for it.

We just like a slow roasted caramelized all beef hot dog.  It’s the epitome of summer for us.

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Mango Salsa Dogs
Mango Salsa Dogs

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 8 hot dogs



  1. Split your hot dog down the middle but don't go all the way through. You want a butterfly cut (like you do to the bun).
  2. Cook the hot dogs your favorite method. We love slow roasted over the fire. However grilling, nuking or boiling will work too.
  3. Place split, cooked hot dog in a bun and top with a generous amount of mango salsa.
  4. Devour and repeat until you are full.

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