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Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies

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Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies taste just like a Root Beer Float! These Root Beer Float Cookies are perfect for Birthday’s, Christmas Cookie Exchanges & April Fool’s Day! One of my most requested recipes!


Root Beer Float Whoopie Pie


I don’t think a day goes by without someone asking for the recipe to my Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies.

I keep telling everyone it will be next year before I can get the recipe listed on Num’s the Word, but the look of disappointment gets me every single time.

Really it’s my own fault.

If I didn’t take these cookies everywhere, no one would know about them.

And if no one knew about them, no one would ask for this whoopie pie recipe.


Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies - Fresh out of the oven cookies on a cooling rack


However, these are such a unique and delicious cookie that it’s hard not to want to share them with everyone!

Have you ever heard of Root Beer Float Cookies before?

Did you know you could make root beer float cookies?

Thus far I’ve made 25 dozen Root Beer Cookies, which has turned into 150 Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies in the last month.

That of course is on top of all the other Christmas baking I’ve been doing.

As you can probably guess, we like to pass out baked goodies to all our teachers, friends, and neighbors for Christmas.

These Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies have been one of the many in each of their cookie baskets.


Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies - cookies on a cooling rack with a bowl of frosting next to it.


Which again is the main problem.

Because everyone is trying these, and because they are so unique, I’m now guilted into posting the recipe sooner than planned.

It’s really not a bad thing, seeing as how rave reviews over a recipe can only mean good things.

However it does mean that I’ve had to bump a different recipe that was planned for this month to another month if not next December.

When it comes to Christmas cookies, I’m not sure you could ever have too many.


Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies - one cookie flipped over with frosting smeared on it.


This year however, we are really putting that theory to the test.  

So far I’ve made no less than 40 dozen cookies and treats and I still have more baking to do before I finish!  

And that’s alright with me!  

Christmas is the time that I get to make some of our favorite recipes as well as experiment on a new cookie recipe or two.

These Root Beer Float cookies were one I found in a recipe book with my mothers hand writing all over it.  


Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies - close up sandwich cookie


She had tweaked a recipe and then I tweaked hers again.

Despite her hand writing in this old cookbook, I cannot recall ever having these as a child.

I grew up in a home where my mother baked every single day.

If she wasn’t baking bread, it was muffins, brownies, sheet cakes or cookies.

I especially loved when my mom would make homemade donuts.

It’s really because of her that I have any hint of a talent.


Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies - whoopie pies laid out on a table with root beer candy all around


Despite my mother always baking, I don’t recall her ever teaching me how to bake.

If you ever met me you’d say I was a confident person who had an opinion about everything.

Both which are true, though I do try to restrain myself on the opinions.

I think because I grew up with a mother who baked and cooked, I just naturally assumed I could do it too.

And that confidence translated into a determination to figure it out and just make it happen.


Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies - close up of whoopie pies on a table


Now truth be told, many of my recipes turn out to be rubbish.

However, more often than not, something I make actually turns out to taste pretty darn good.

So good that people request the recipe.

And when enough people request a recipe, I tend to give them what they want.

Hence this Root Beer Whoopie Pie.

The original recipe was simply for just plain cookies with a basic buttercream frosting on top.


Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies - top view of whoopie pies on a blue striped towel


Buttercream frosting stays soft and if you place another cookie on top, the frosting would instantly transfer over to the next cookie.

It was my husband who suggested I turn the Root Beer Float Cookies into Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies.

A brilliant idea and one that hasn’t received any complaints.

The whoppie pie filling is simply a lightly flavored root beer buttercream frosting.

When you pick up a cookie – frosted or frosted – you can instantly smell the root beer extract.  

When you bite in, at first you just taste a butter cookie.  


Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies - top view, zoomed in of whoopie pies


Then after a second or two, the flavor of root beer hits your tongue and your face lights up.


I’ve found that when you offer the cookie to most adults, without telling them what flavor it is, they struggle to identify it. 

They know it, but can’t quite place the flavor.

I suspect it’s because we’ve trained our brains to think of root beer as a beverage and not a flavor in an edible item.


Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies - Whoopie Pies stacked ton top of each other.


Kids on the other hand can identify the flavor almost instantly.

As soon as you tell someone it’s Root Beer though, they instantly will exclaim – Yes!  That’s it!

These Root Beer Cookies are great all year round, not just at Christmas!  

Imagine giving this to someone on April Fool’s Day and ‘tricking’ them into thinking it’s a different flavor!  

I might be biased in saying that this is the Best Root Beer Float Cookie Recipe out there.  Or at least the best I’ve ever had!

Have fun & enjoy watching people try it for the first time!

Their initial reaction is priceless!


Yield: 30 Whoopie Pies

Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies

Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies - Whoopie Pies stacked ton top of each other.

Root Beer Float Whoopie Pies taste just like a Root Beer Float! Perfect for Birthday's, Christmas Cookie Exchanges & April Fool's Day! One of my most requested recipes!


  • 1/2 cup butter, room temperature
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons root beer extract
  • 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • ----------------
  • 1 cup butter
  • 3 cups powdered sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon root beer extract
  • 2 Tablespoons Heavy Whipping Cream


  1. Preheat oven to 350*F
  2. Prepare a cookie sheet with cooking spray, a baking mat or non-stick foil. Set aside.
  3. Combine butter and brown sugar and blend until well combined, scraping sides as needed.
  4. Add eggs and blend well.
  5. Add baking soda, salt and extract. Blend well.
  6. Add flour 1/2 cup at a time, mixing between each addition. Scrape sides of bowl as needed.
  7. Scoop out 1 Tablespoon of dough and roll into a ball. Or use a 1 Tablespoon cookie scoop.
  8. Place cookie dough on preparing cookie sheet and bake for 8 minutes or until edges are a hint of golden.
  9. While cookies are baking, prepare a second cookie sheet so they are ready to pop into oven right away.
  10. Refrigerate dough between batches. If you do not refrigerate the dough, the cookies will be flat as a pancake.
  11. Remove from oven and let cool on cookie sheet for 5 minutes before moving to a cooling rack.
  12. Once cookies are 100% cool, make frosting.
  13. In a medium bowl combine butter, and powdered sugar 1/2 cup at a time blending between each addition.
  14. Once all of powdered sugar is added, add extract and heavy cream.
  15. Blend well.
  16. Spread or pipe a dollop of frosting (1 - 2 Tablespoons) on the bottom of a cookie.
  17. Take a second cookie and press the bottom of the second cookie onto the frosting of the first cookie.
  18. Voila! You now have a Whoopie Pie - also known as a sandwich cookie.
  19. Repeat this process to the rest of the cookies.


Nutritional Information is estimated, not exact


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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