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Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

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This Alochol Free Hand Sanitizer also doubles as an on the go soap that doesn’t need to be washed off!  With only 4 simple ingredients and the right bottle you’ll have yourself a nice stash of foaming hand sanitizer (or on the go hand soap) for less than you’d pay at the grocery store!  Such an easy recipe and great way to keep clean!



Ingredients for Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer:

  • Foaming Bottle – Making a liquid foaming hand sanitizer will cut costs and make the product last even longer.  I also find it easier to squish between my fingers!
  • Castile Soap – This is a concentrated soap that will remove germs but wont kill them.
  • Witch Hazel – Helps keep your hands soft and smooth without drying out.
  • Essential Oils – I use Thieves and Lemon.  However you could use other scents.  Just make sure you know the oil and it’s uses before using.  You do not want to add an oil that can harm yourself or children with direct skin contact.
  • Water – water makes everything better!



How to make Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer:

This recipe is SOOOO easy.  Simply add your ingredients to your bottle, swirl your solution around – DO NOT SHAKE (unless you like a bubbly volcano!) and use!  



Alcohol vs. Castile Soap:

Castile Soap will remove bacteria and germs, however Alcohol will kill them.  Because of this difference the CDC recommends alcohol based hand sanitizer when in contact with contagious viruses.  This is why I recommend using this Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer in your home or as a portable foaming soap on the go that you can leave on your skin without washing off.



Additional Ways to Prevent the Spread of Germs:

  • Wash hands for 20 seconds – back of hands, and in between fingers are a must!
  • Do not touch your face!  This is SO SO hard for me! I’m a face toucher!  However if you do have an itch, use a napkin or tissue instead of your fingers.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact with others.  Hand shakes, hugs and high fives should be reserved for non flu season and those in whom you know are well.
  • Cough and Sneeze on your boobies!  Yep! In my home when my kids cough or sneeze I always shout BOOBIES!!  As a reminder that they should NOT cough in their hands or elbows, but instead in a contained space like down their shirt.  More than any other location, germs are guaranteed to stay contained within your shirt and not out in the open where others could come in contact.  Plus you don’t have to wash your hands as often.  Trust me, you are showering daily anyway, so keep it contained!



Be Safe Warnings:

  • Some essential oils are not recommend for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.  So know the oils you are using before you use them. If you are unsure, you can always reach out to your oil distributor or find out information on each oil HERE. Just click the no thanks button under get started to search for all the available oils.
  • The information in this post is given by a mom, not a Doctor. If you ever have medical related questions please refer to a doctor.  This post is simply informational only.



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Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

On the Go Soap - foaming sanitizer on hand.

This alcohol free hand sanitizer is foaming and great to have around the home. With only 5 simple ingredients it's easy to make multiple batches in minutes!



  1. Combine Castile soap, Witch Hazel half the water and essential oils in your foaming dispenser (just over 1/3 cup).
  2. Using a swirl motion, mix until combined.
  3. Add remaining water (just over 1/3 cup) and repeat the swirling motion until fully mixed.
  4. Screw on your lid and use!


The CDC recommends using an alcohol based hand sanitizer to combat the COVID-19 Virus. This hand sanitizer does not contain alcohol. It is a great sanitizer for having around the home, but not recommended for out of the home activities.

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Monday 7th of February 2022

Can I skip the essential oils?

Num's The Word

Monday 22nd of April 2024



Monday 28th of December 2020

With thieves, it will kill Covid. Or, thymol (in thyme oil) is actually EPA approved for killing Covid. It does not take much thyme oil to kill the virus. Witch hazel is also antimicrobial, but it hasn't been tested on Covid-19. But thymol has been tested and it kills Covid-19 and is approved by the EPA for this purpose. Check out the EPA website for thymol products recommended for Covid-19. Straight out of the bottle, thyme oil is harsh on skin. But it's fine in a mix like this one. Thank you for the recipe!


Wednesday 15th of April 2020

I love that there's a foaming option! My kids love the foaming soaps.


Wednesday 15th of April 2020

I had to order the oils from Amazon, but it was so worth it! Smells great and my hands aren't dry.


Thursday 9th of April 2020

This is just what we needed. I just made a batch!


Sunday 30th of August 2020

So glad to hear! Thanks for your comment!

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