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Summerland Family Fun Park

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Summerland Family Fun Park is a great summer activity offering something for everyone!  Water slide, Go-Karts, Bumper Boats, Batting Cages and Mini Golf are all activities the entire family can enjoy! Located in Sauk Rapids, MN – close to St. Cloud it’s a must visit attraction!

Address: 1050 28th Avenue NE, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379
Phone: (320) 251-0940
Park Hours: 7 days / week 11:00 am – 9:00 pm, Memorial Day – Labor Day
September – weekends only, hours may vary.
Boats & Kid Kountry: 7 days/week 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm – Memorial Day – Labor Day
Website: Summerland
Cost: Rate Sheet
Bathrooms: Flush Toilets

If you are itching to get out of the house during the hot summer months, Summerland Family Fun Park is a fun place to visit!  Full of Go Karts, Water Slide, Bumper Boats, Batting Cages and Mini Golf, you’ll find something for everyone! 

This is a fun place for anyone that is 3 years old and older with many rides designed with younger children in mind!  And don’t worry, it’s not just for kids, but adults too! 

When you arrive you’ll first want to stop off in the main building – to your left as you enter the park.  This is where the main restrooms, snack bar, tables and arcade are located.  It is also where you’ll purchase your tickets and get your club and balls for mini golf.   

The cost of a day at Summerland can add up so watch for a Groupon, Wristband Days and Specials before you go!

Water Slide:

The large water slide at Summerland Family Fun Park is definitely a favorite attraction by all ages!  If you’ve never tried it before, you may have a few questions about who can use the water slide.  I know I did! 

The water slide is open to anyone 40″ tall or taller with younger children being allowed to use one of their provided life jackets. 

Unlike most water parks I’ve visited, the line moves quickly.  My kids were a bit worried that the long line would take FOREVER to get to the top. 

However the long line waiting for them only 10 – 15 minutes from bottom to top on the day we were there.   This is excellent news for anyone who hates waiting in long lines!

For your water slide experience there are a few things you should know before you go!

  1. Shower before you start.  Walk into the pool area and you’ll find the showers at the opposite side of the end of the water slide – they are NOT in the bathrooms.
  2. Life jackets are available for anyone of any age to use if desired.  They do not cost extra.  Just ask a lifeguard for one.
  3. Mats are provided but not required.  As with many water slides, the space connecting the slide pieces together can irritate your skin.   Many riders prefer to use a mat to slide down on.  I had one child that preferred the mat and another that didn’t.  I should also mention that the mats have been known to slip right out from under you (for lighter weight individuals) and get to the bottom before you!
  4. There is no swimming in the pool.  It is simply there for the sole purpose of catching you when your slide experience is over.  You are then required to swim to the end and get out so the next rider can safely come down.

Go Karts:

There are three different tracks for Go Karts!  Please note that depending on the time of year, the Kid Kountry Karts operator may also be managing the Kid Kountry Boats next door too. So if someone isn’t there, then just to talk to them.

  1. Kid Kountry Karts:  If you have a little one with you, then don’t let them miss out on the opportunity to drive their own go kart!  There are two sizes of go karts for this mini track which is designed for ages 7 and under as well as those who are under 50″ tall.
  2. Jr. Go Karts & Go Karts:  Jr. Go Karts are designed for children at lest 8 years old and 50″ tall.  These are single driver go Karts with a little less power than traditional Go Karts.  The traditional Go Karts are on the same track as the Jr. Go Karts and can be driven solo by anyone at least 10 years old and 53″ tall.  There are two seats in these karts.  Passengers can be anyone who is 3 years old or older.  
  3. Indy Karts: Anyone 12 years old or older and 62″ or taller may drive an Indy Kart.  There are two seats in each car and a passenger can be anyone 3 years old or older.   

Water Bumper Boats:

The two bumper boats are located right next to each other in mini square swimming pools.  Depending on how busy it is, the Kid Kountry Bumper Boat ride may have the same operator as the Kid Kountry Karts. 

So if there isn’t an adult there, let the attendant know at the go karts next door.  Once your ride is over, you can quickly get back in line for another go!  

  1. Kid Kountry Bumper Boats: This ride is intended for children 3-7 years old and under 50″ tall.  
  2. Water Bumper Boats: Children must be 48″ tall to drive a boat with passengers requiring to be at least 3 years old and 3 feet tall.  

Moon Walk Inflatable:

My husband mentioned the last time we were here, that this  Moon Walk inflatable is the same one that existed over 20 years ago when he was a kid.  It’s a giant enclosed bounce house with terrible ventilation. 

Meaning it gets hot in there very quickly so keep an eye on your kids and make sure they take air breaks with plenty of fluids if they plan on playing inside for an extended period of time.  

This attraction is intended for children ages 3 – 9 years old.  There is not an attendant so jump at your own risk.

Mini Golf:

Mini Golf is one of our favorite family past times!  Summerland Family Fun Park has two courses, which also happen to be the only courses in the area.  

  1. The Lakes Adventure Golf:  This course is $1 more expensive per person than Bear Kountry.  However it’s for good reason.  It’s a much prettier and larger course (land wise).  It’s spread out around a man made waterfall and offers several fun holes.
  2. Bear Kountry Mini Golf: This course is smaller (land wise) and each hole seems to be shorter than The Lakes course.  It’s perfect for younger kids or first time participants.  

Batting Cages:

There are 4 batting cages at Summerland Fun Park which offer both baseball and softball pitching at various speeds.  These require tokens which can be purchased at the snack bar. 

Helmets and bats are provided and you can practice on anything from 18 pitches to an hour of non stop practice.  Cages are available on a  first come first serve basis.

  • Slow Pitch Softball Machine
  • Fast Pitch Softball Machine
  • 50 mph Baseball Machine
  • 60 mph Baseball Machine

Snack Bar:

There is a policy posted before you enter the park that no food or beverage is permitted to be brought inside Summerland Family Fun Park.  This normally is a red flag which is better read “We’re going to over charge you for every item in our park and you have no way to object!”. 

However Summerland Family Fun Park is actually not a jerk company.  Their food is reasonably priced making it a great place to grab a snack or lunch!


Inside the main building is where you’ll find the arcade. It’s quite small and sprinkled around a few tables, but if you want to try your luck at a game or two then stop on in. 

This is the perfect place to stop when needing a break from a day of hot summer fun when you need a little air conditioning to cool you off!

Wristband Days:

Summerland offers three wristband days each summer.  One in June, July and August.  Wristband days mean you have unlimited access to the water slide, Go-Karts, Jr. Karts, Indy Karts, Mini Golf (both courses), Moon Walk and Bumper Boats. 

The wrist band is available from 12 – 5:30 pm on offered days and costs $19.95/person + tax.

For 2019, the dates are all on Tuesdays: 

  • June 25, 2019
  • July 23, 2019
  • August 13, 2019

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.