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Sour Cream Dip

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Sour Cream Dip


Ok readers, it’s time for a true heart to heart…

I visit a LOT of blogs on a daily basis.  Most being food related, however I do try to share my gawking love with the blogging community in general.

In doing so, I have been known to occasionally think a sarcastic comment about some of the blogs/blog posts I’ve seen.  Some being along the lines of:

“Really?  Do people actually read this stuff” – remember I’m the one reading it, so obviously people do 😉

“Wow!” They have WAAAY to much time on their hands…I wonder what that would be like!”

HOLY COW! Seriously?  Dang, my kids are lucky if I even know their names in the morning, let a alone pack a lunch like that!”

“Seriously, I don’t care how good it is, I do NOT have 4 hours to cook that meal.  And even if I did…no way would I spend 4 hours cooking a single meal!”

So here’s the deal.  Me?  I’m just an average (OK, rock star, when I get a good nights’ sleep) mom.  I have the same power struggle when it comes to getting my kids to eat good food as you do.  I eat far too many sweets and have on occasion (or regularly) eaten (when the kids aren’t looking) sweets for lunch..and just sweets.  And I am totally OK with that.  Because I’m an adult and I have that right!

And though I have this fancy website (thanks to Jodie and my amazing and talented website building hubby), I am just a mom, trying to get her kids to eat a green vegetable at the end of the day.

I know, I know…you are still confused as to where this heart to heart is going.  Just stay with me a moment longer.

What I’m getting at is that despite the fancy website and the incredible and delicious recipes on here, I think that we (as bloggers and human beings) often get carried away with this fancy dish or this cool idea dish or the look at me, I made this dish and forget sometimes that good food, doesn’t have to be complicated.

And this my friends, is where today’s recipe comes from.  It comes from the poor college student days.  The late night snack days.  The I am too lazy to make anything days (which are often).

This is one of those uncomplicated snacks that I think gets forgotten or over looked because of how easy it is, and yet it’s seriously, one of our favorite munchies.

So mock me for doing this simple dish as a post for today, but don’t mock the snack.  I kid you not, if you’ve never had this, you are missing out on one of life’s easiest and tastiest snacks.  Make it for an appetizer, a game day snack, a movie snack, board game night snack or an in the car driving home snack (yes, we have done that).  Just try it.  And before you know it, you’ll be singing my praises for introducing you to this simple dish!  NUM, NUM!


Yield: 2 servings

Sour Cream Dip

Sour Cream Dip
Prep Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute


  • 1 (12 ounce) tub of sour cream (choose your favorite, we like full fat)
  • 1 Bag of Chili Cheese Fritos
  • Chives, diced (if you want to make this gourmet)


Open bag of Fritos.
If you want to be fancy, pour them into a dish.
Open sour cream.
If you want to be fancy, pour it into a dish as well.
Top with chopped chives to be "fancy".
Pick up Frito. Dip it into the sour cream.


Ok, really 1 bag could technically feed 6+ people, but my husband and I can down an entire bag by ourselves, so you'll have to determine what your serving size is.

Sharing is caring!

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Thursday 25th of July 2019



Thursday 25th of July 2019

I agree Laurie! Thanks!

Jessica Francis

Sunday 7th of May 2017

Yes!!!!!! So much yes! 1. I always think people forget how good food can be without all the bells and whistles and cooking for 4 hours. 2. Plain sour cream is incredibly underrated as is cream cheese and all the cheese. Great alone. Great as an ingredient.


Thursday 21st of March 2019

Jessica, thank you for your comment and agreeing with my ideas. I appreciate you using my recipe and I hope you find more good recipes on Nums the Word!

Karen@From the Garden Table

Wednesday 10th of September 2014

Ha! Absolutely love this post!!!! I can identify on so many levels! :)

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