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Waffle It – Eat & Play

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Waffle It Restaurant in St. Cloud, MN makes for a great play date restaurant! Offering a fun play corner for kids with toys, this restaurant has it all. This eat and play restaurant offers a unique collection of waffles that kids and adults go nuts for!

Waffle It

Address: 2018 Veterans drive, St. Cloud, MN 56303

Website: Waffle It

Hours: Monday – Closed.  Tuesday – Sunday 6:00 am – 1:00 pm

Cost: Play area free, Food ranges from $6 – $10   

Discounts:  10% Military Discount

Bathrooms:   Single Stall Bathroom for Men & Women.  Manual Flush toilets, baby changing area in women’s only. Though since they are single stall, Men could get away with using the Women’s for the changing station.

Finding an indoor play area for your kids in Central Minnesota is tough. 

If you’ve lived here for anything longer than a week, you’ve experienced the less than stellar Google results on where to take your kids during the frigid winters.

Many of us spend a lot of our time down in Maple Grove where they have tried, and succeeded, in creating a family friendly 4 seasons city. 

St. Cloud on the other hand, offers very few options for indoor fun in the winter.  All our tax dollars seem to go towards Summertime by Lake George or other summer themed events.

Waffle It - Outside of restaurant

However, anyone with small children can tell you that 6 months of winter is LONG and kids need to RUN and play and get out. 

Enter Waffle It Restaurant.

Waffle It - Close up of Farm

Eating here has been on my list since they opened.  However, only serving during breakfast and lunch hours has been tough for us.

Lucky for me, a friend suggested we meet up there for brunch one morning with the enticement that there was a small play area for kids!

That small play area was something that I never knew existed!

Waffle It - Play area - Motorcycle rocking horse, farm and barbie house

Perhaps it’s been here the entire time they’ve been open, or maybe it’s something new.

However, when everyone talked about the restaurant Waffle It to me, they only ever talked about how yummy the food was.

Never did anyone mention the small play area!

Waffle It - Condiment area

Forget the food, I want the play area!  

Coming to Waffle it with friends made for the perfect play date spot.

Not only did they have the play area but the food was really good!

Waffle It - High Chairs and booster area

Good Food + play area mean we’ll be coming back again and again!

Waffle it makes for a great Eat & Play stop in St. Cloud.  

Adults get to eat and kids get to play!  Win-win in my book!

Waffle It - Close up of Barbie House

For the last few years our Eat & Play options in Central Minnesota have been McDonald’s, Burger King and Chick-fil-A. 

But now we can add Waffle It to the list!

Despite not having large climbing structures or slides, Waffle It does offer a few things that kept my kids busy!

What toys does Waffle It offer?

Toys available to us during our visit were: A doll house, barbies, trucks, a farm set & a rocking motorcycle.  There was also a large car mat for the trucks to play on!

Waffle It - zoomed out view of rug, trucks and rocking motorcycle.

What kind of food does Waffle It offer?

During your visit to Waffle It Restaurant, you’ll find a variety of gourmet waffles with various toppings.  You can also snag typical breakfast items such as eggs and bacon too!

However, the best part is the selection of syrups they offer!  Try one or try them all.  The food was excellent and a great alternative to many of the other breakfast places in town! 

Waffle It - Table at restaurant

Who would best benefit from going to Waffle It?

We found this place to be great for stay at home parents who need a morning out from the house as well as those who are retired.  The hours are early so weekdays make it hard for those who work outside the homes. 

However I suggest taking the family on the weekend for a mini morning date with your special someone.  You get to have an adult conversation while your kids are off playing with the toys!  

Waffle It - Play area rug & trucks

Are there any downsides to visiting Waffle It?

Some would say the hours because we all love breakfast for dinner!  Closing at 1:00 pm on a weekday is a bit disappointing.  

However the biggest downside I could find while here was that there wasn’t a spot for Men to change a diaper.

Waffle It - child playing and children chairs

Interestingly enough, they have a “Men’s” Bathroom and a “Women’s” Bathroom.  However both are single stall.  

It always seems a bit odd to me when they label single stall restrooms as anything other than family. 

However here they do.  And it seems that someone mentioned my pet peeve (or perhaps their own) about not having a diaper changing station available to families, when it’s clearly targeting families.

Who ever said something THANK YOU.  Because they got the message and now have a changing station in the Women’s bathroom!!

Downside, they do not have one in the Men’s.  So unless they change their signs to say family restrooms instead of Men’s and Women’s, then we’ll be needing one more changing station. 

But progress is progress! Plus the last time  we went they had even more toys than in the photographs.

Waffle It - Play area - Motorcycle rocking horse, farm and barbie house

Overall, Waffle It is a fun quiet place to meet a friend for breakfast or to take your kids out for a date.

The food is delicious, and there are so many fun and unique waffle flavors to try such as “milk and cookies” and “cinnamon roll.”

They also have a fairly good sized corner full of toys for kids to play with so kids can be entertained while adults sit and chat in very close proximity.

Even though there’s not a ton of toys, my daughter (potty trained) was entertained for quite a while which gave me time to catch up on emails & whatever else I needed to do.

For those of you wanting to visit without children don’t worry.

There are two different sections of the restaurant. The side with the play area, and the side without. 

Overall, despite the lack of changing facilities, the food was great and I’d come here again!

Tell us what your favorite waffle is and what you love about the restaurant below!  

I can’t wait to hear all your thoughts!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.