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Perpetual Journal

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A Perpetual Journal is the perfect journal for those who aren’t good at journaling.  It’s a never ending calendar that shows what you do on the same day every year.  It’s fun, easy and very simple to create your own!

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Perpetual Journal


Spring is an exciting time of year and Easter is the kick off to the best season of all.

Winter is over, flowers are blooming and life is new and all around us.

Everyone has a little extra pep in their step because there is once again sunshine!

I love spring and Easter and one of the best ways to welcome Spring is to start a Perpetual Journal!

Have you ever heard of a Perpetual Journal?  It’s the only way I am able to journal.


Perpetual Journal


I’m not a sit down and write out my feelings kind of girl.  And I certainly don’t have time in my hectic life to take an hour every day to write down all the details of the day.

So I do themed Perpetual Journals.

The theme for this one is Kindness.  Kindness is something we tend to see more of around Christmas and then at Easter, when Spring finally gets here!

At the top of each page of my Perpetual Journal I write the month and day but no year.

Then below it, I write down the years.

Start with today’s date at the top and today’s year below it (as shown in the photo).

Then skip a few lines and write the next years date and keep doing this till the page is full.


Perpetual Journal


For this Perpetual Journal, with the theme of Kindness, my goal is to be better at recognizing kindness and preforming acts of kindness.

This is one of the many goals I have as a Mother: to teach my children kindness.

Every day when I pick my daughter up from school I ask her three questions.

  1. How was your day?
  2. What was your favorite part of the day?
  3. What kind act did you do today?

I want my daughter to recognize moments when she can reach out to others in kindness and when others were kind to her.

I believe that this simple act will help shape the person she will become and help her to lead a happier life as she recognizes kindness in the world.


Perpetual Journal


However it got me thinking, do I look for ways to be kind to those around me each day?

Do I look for opportunities to go out of my way to help or lift a friend or stranger?

Do I recognize when others {especially my husband} do kind things for me?

And most days I don’t even think about it.

And that, my dear friends is why I NEED this Perpetual Kindness Journal.

As I recognize and look for opportunities to be kind to others I want to remember those acts of kindness.

And so each day I will write a sentence or two in my journal of what kindness I preformed or recognized that day.

The act of writing wont take long, only a minute or two.

However that minute or two can change the way that I think for the rest of the day.


Perpetual Journal


My favorite part of this Perpetual Kindness Journal is that year after year I’ll be able to look back and see what I’ve done on that day in previous years.

I can watch how doing this one simple act every day helps me to be a kinder more thoughtful person.

This world can often be dark and bleak.

If you need a change in your life, a change to be kinder or just a change in your journaling habits, I highly recommend this perpetual journal.

It’s easy to create and simple to keep up.  And it’s super fun to give as a gift or keep for yourself!


Sharing is caring!

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Liz Heath

Thursday 23rd of February 2017

Sounds wonderful. Thanks for the great idea.

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