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Pecan, Chicken and Green Apple Salad

I don’t know about you, but after Valentine’s Day and all the sugar rush that is involved, a good salad is what I want.

And after the particularly extravagant holiday my family just had, we might be eating salad for the next month.

I’ve mentioned before my strange relationship with salads and how I pick one and then eat it everyday until I’m sick of it.

Well, this is my current obsession.





I just love all the textures and flavors in this salad and I don’t know if I’ll get sick of it anytime soon.

Which is good, because I sure could use more salad in my life.

Most of the rest of my family are pretty much ranch people.

For salads, for dipping pizza and anything else unhealthy.

But I love a good vinaigrette.

And they’re best when you whip them up yourself.

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