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Janelle & Jodie

Ben Bradley Photography

When I, Janelle, and my family moved to Colorado one of the first things we did was locate a photographer.  I am a photo nut.  I think it is sooo important to document my kids and their growth over the years and seeing as how it’s almost impossible for me to take a photo of my family (with me in it) I had to locate someone who could do it for me.

However, I am SUPER picky when it comes to my photos.  I mean, if you were paying someone good money, wouldn’t you want them to turn out EXACTLY how you wanted them to?  Why settle for something less than you deserve right?

So I started searching for photographers in the Fort Collins, CO area and quickly eliminated most.  But there was one who stood out above the rest.  It was Ben Bradley Photography.  We met with him before our first photo shoot, explained EXACTLY what I liked and didn’t like in professional photos and discovered that he was not only an exceptionally talented photographer, but an amazing person.  

He has taken our family photos on 4 different occasions and each time my toddler had a melt down (best light is always at nap time!).  However you’d never know there was a melt down between each pose as he was able to capture her at her best.  

If all this wasn’t great, he has my photos – not 10 or 20 but ALL photos (150+) edited lightly (I hate heavy editing) and in my hands within ONE WEEK with all rights to the photos belonging to me.  Um YES PLEASE!  Anyone who has had photos done knows how impatient we can all be to see the results.  And one week is an AH-MAZING turn around time!  

So when Jodie and I talked about getting a few shots done for the website, Ben Bradley Photography was of course my first choice.  He was FANTASTIC!  And as you can see, very talented.  Which is why we recommend him so highly.  We laughed and had such a great time and found it VERY difficult to narrow down the photos to just a few (so you may see new photos in the future as we rotate through all of our favorites!) So if you are in the Fort Collins, CO area or surrounding areas, give Ben Bradley a call.

Heather of Pleats & Ruffles

Imagine for a moment, that you have 4 kids under the age of 8 with the youngest being 1. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning.  You wake up, feed everyone breakfast, get them all bathed, dressed and somehow get yourself dressed too.  

By the time all this happens it’s time for a quick lunch and then immediately scurry to the car so that you can get to church just in time for it to start at 1:00 pm.

As if that wasn’t enough you add making a few of the cutest aprons ever into the routine and you have now made yourself into super mom.  I don’t know this for sure, but I suspect we may have a super dad involved too who helped out with the kids so that mom could sneak away for a bit to make them, so we’ll give him credit until I hear otherwise.  

So Super Mom Heather not only some how managed to get her kids looking perfect at church, but she was able to put her amazing sewing talents to work and whip up the super cute aprons you see us wearing in all our photos.  

If Jodie or I had to do this, then you know there would have been a lot of blood, sweat and even a few tears from the pin pricks involved and I promise our lines would not have been as perfect.  I guess I should say, this for myself, since I’ve never seen Jodie’s sewing skills.  But needless to say, we were both in agreeance that what ever Heather came up with, would be better than anything we came up with!

Heather is just the kind of person who is super talented and can create ANYTHING.  She is also one of the most selfless people I know.  I mean, this is the girl who made someones PROM DRESS in less than 2 days because the prom dress that they ordered online wasn’t going to make it in time for the the big day.  

TWO DAYS.  She’s also repurposed wedding dresses into baptism dresses and made the cutest christmas dresses I’ve ever seen.

Really, when I think of super moms, she’s at the top of the list.  An amazing mom, selfless friend and incredibly talented.  So if you are looking for a few sewing tips, have questions or want to copy one of her projects, she’s your girl.  OR if you need a personal seamstress, she is available to create something special for you.  Local or not, items can always be shipped!  

Don’t forget to check out her blog, Pleats and Ruffles, and give her some blog love!