These Kid Approved April Fool’s Day Recipes are easy to make a sure to trick your kids!  Have fun and be creative with these fun trick recipes!

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Kid Approved April Fool's Day Recipes
Kid Approved April Fool's Day Recipes
Kid Approved April Fool's Day Recipes
Kid Approved April Fool's Day Recipes
Kid Approved April Fool's Day Recipes



One of our favorite traditions is to trick our kids with a fun April Fool’s Day meal every year.

They’ve learned to never take anything for face value and though some things are “disappointing” like meatloaf instead of cupcakes and mashed potatoes instead of frosting, they always are a good sport about it all.

A table full of laughs with a fun and quirky meal always makes great memories!  

So I guess the real question is, do you play up April Fool’s Day at all?  

My kids, who are quite young, generally try to trick us with little things like – There’s a spider on your head.’  Then they bust out laughing and say April Fool’s!  We of course know that their jokes are pretty lame but go along with it just for fun.  

It’s one day a year and so we try to live it up just a bit.

My goal is to add to this list ever year some of our favorite Kid Approved April Fool’s Day Recipes.  

For now, we’ll start with three of our favorites.

We like to trick the kids into thinking they are getting dessert for dinner, and dinner for dessert!  What kid wouldn’t want to get dessert first, right?!  Especially a “chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting,” wink, wink!

#1  Jello Drinks!  I usually make these the day before or that morning, so they are ready to go for dinner.


Kid Approved April Fool's Day Recipes


Make your favorite jello flavor as the package directs and pour into cups.  Add a straw immediately and refrigerate.   You can even trick adults!  

Cherry Jello for Red Wine or Orange Jello for Orange Juice.  Though if you’re going with the orange juice, I suggest a table spoon or two of heavy cream to make it look more like an Orange Juice color and so that it’s not see through.  Oh and grape for Grape Juice!


Kid Approved April Fool's Day Recipes


Be creative and have fun!  It’s a “beverage” and a side dish all in one!  Just make sure to have them already on the table before the kids see as they quickly notice they don’t slosh around when carrying!

Another fun April Fool’s Day Recipe we love is our favorite Mini Meatloaf with mashed potato frosting!  We even add Cheese Sprinkles!  YUM!


Kid Approved April Fool's Day Recipes


You can find the recipe for my Mini Meatloaf here and top with your favorite mashed potatoes!  

The one tip I HIGHLY recommend for these, in terms of the April Fool’s Day joke is to use silicone cupcake liners.  Meatloaf tends to be greasy and the grease will absorb into a normal cupcake wrapper making it look a bit gross.  


Kid Approved April Fool's Day Recipes


The silicone ones keep their shape, look great and make getting the meatloaf out easy!  After baking, just pour off any grease that exists before frosting. 

Once frosted, top with your cheese sprinkles and serve!  The first bite is always the most fun!


Kid Approved April Fool's Day Recipes


Another fun April Fool’s Day Recipe that our kids really balked at last year was the classic British dish of Fish and Chips.

In our house we do not eat fish, so when I told the kids we were having fish and chips for dinner they freaked out.  So much whining and complaining and fussing.  I found it quite entertaining because I knew they’d love it.


Kid Approved April Fool's Day Recipes


So when they realized that April Fool’s Day Fish and Chips were Gold Fish and Potato Chips, they were SOOOO relieved and happy!  It was the first thing eaten on their plates!  


Kid Approved April Fool's Day Recipes


Go ahead and trick your kids this year.  Don’t make it overly complicated and don’t go overboard.  But have fun!

Whip up one or all of these fun treats and your kids are sure to fall in love with their new favorite holiday April Fool’s Day!



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