Hi I’m Janelle, wife of one and mother of two.

Growing up, one of my fondest memories was of my mother baking (something I don’t think I’ve ever told her). I remember coming home from school to homemade donuts or brownies or cookies and lots of yummy homemade bread. And she never made just enough for us, she always made extras to give away to clients, neighbors, friends or even those in need. She set the greatest example of charity in my life and through her talent of baking and kindness to others, I cultivated a love for spending time in my kitchen.  

After leaving home to experience the adventure we call life, I learned to cook and developed my love of baking. I love new challenges and with my husband by my side believe I can accomplish just about anything.

So join me as I continue to explore the world of recipes and good food in an effort to help you bring your family together for a good home cooked meal.

Heath Family