Sweet Pork & Slaw Sandwich

Sweet Pork & Slaw Sandwich – This Cafe Rio Style Sweet Pork is topped with a Creamy Cole Slaw making it the most amazing sandwich ever! A simple crock pot recipe everyone will love!

Rhubarb Splash

This Rhubarb Splash is a fruity, delicious drink perfect for a hot summers day. It’s sweet and has a 100% approval rating by everyone who has tried it!

Easy Tex Mex Bake

This Easy Tex Mex Bake has turned into a favorite meal. Flavorful ground beef topped with corn bread makes an easy casserole even the kids will love!

Classic Vanilla Rice Pudding

This Classic Vanilla Rice Pudding is simple to make and highlights the flavor of vanilla as the crown jewel. A favorite recipe of mine with a sprinkle of cinnamon!

Sweet Pork

This Crock Pot, Cafe Rio Style, Sweet Pork is absolutely heavenly. Easy to prepare and perfect in so many delicious dishes! A must make recipe that is always requested!

Teriyaki Chicken

Forget Take out, this Teriyaki Chicken takes only 20 minutes to make at home and is better than take out! A kid friendly dish anyone can make!

Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

Double Chocolate Banana Muffins are a perfect on the go breakfast, snack or even dessert! Chocolate for breakfast is always a winner in our house and the addition of the banana makes these a slam dunk!

Strawberry S'mores

Strawberry S’mores are the most amazing campfire treat you can create. Strawberries + Chocolate = Win! Try it once and you’ll never go back to the old way!

Classic Lasagna

Classic Lasagna – A delicious dinner that is perfect for family gatherings, company & reunions. This recipe is ricotta cheese free & delicious!

Lightsaber Pretzels

The perfect simple treat for a Star Wars party or just any time for a real Star Wars fan, these Lightsaber Pretzels not only look cool but taste good too!