Light and fluffy pumpkin twinkie cupcakes with marshmallow filling and frosting. These are very rich, and oh-so-yummy!

Not sure what to do with all the Halloween candy your kids acquire? Put it aside and make lots of yummy treats with it! Check out these 18 recipes!

These brownies are layers of goodness: brownies, Nestle Crunch bars, peanut butter brownies and topped with melted chocolate and peanut butter. Super yummy and a fantastic way to get rid of some of that extra candy.

If you love apple pie, you’ll love this apple pie dip. Easy to make and tastes just like an apple pie! Perfect to serve at your next gathering!

This macaroni and cheese is not only super cheesy, but has all the flavors of bruschetta – yummy! A definite win with all of the family and it only takes 30 minutes to put together!

If you love snickerdoodles, you’ll have to try this Cheesecake Stuffed Pumpkin Snickerdoodles! A perfect Autumn cookie that will satisfy anyone’s tastes!

These Blood Red Velvet Cupcakes are easy, delicious and so easy to turn into a creepy addition to your Halloween party! My kids loved the blood on the straw, and the adorable cupcake wrappers.

If you love Rice Krispie Treats, you’ll love these super cute and tasty Pumpkin Treats with Tootsie Roll stems!

Our family’s favorite artichoke dip – warm, cheesy, gooey, scrumptious dip that goes great with chips and is perfect for your next gathering.

Love Chili Dogs but hate the mess? Whip up this Chili Dog Casserole the entire family will love! Easy and quick – ready in 30 minut

Winger's Creamy Amazing Chicken Pizza

Have you had Winger’s sauce? Well, mix it with ranch and it becomes their Creamy Amazing. That was the inspiration for this pizza, which is one of our favorites, and also pretty easy to put together!

Tootsie Rolls and Fudge do not sound like they go together. But HOLY COW this stuff is good! It tastes like a Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge and is easy!

This Chex mix is perfect for a get together and comes together quickly. Chex and Apple Cinnamon Cheerios covered in caramel apple flavor and drizzled in white chocolate.

These festive looking rolls have real pumpkin puree in them and taste fantastic! They are so easy to make that any new baker could master this recipe!

One of our favorite meals and a definite comfort food – this easy Creamy Chicken and Biscuits in made in the crockpot and has all the flavors of chicken pot pie.

This Pumpkin Pie French Toast is the perfect way to welcome Fall. A mild pumpkin flavor that will have you asking for more!

This stromboli recipe is one of our family’s favorites. We decided to make it a bit spooky by wrapping it like a mummy and giving it olive eyes. Tasty and fun for the whole family.

Tootsie Roll Caramel Corn

If you love caramel corn, then try this Tootsie Roll version. A fun way to use up that old Halloween candy or just to make out of curiosity!

These cookie sandwiches taste like oatmeal creme pies, but better because they’ve got apple and they’re homemade!

Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken

This simple and easy slow cooker barbecue chicken is so tasty and the perfect week night recipe! Husband and Kid approved and perfect for dinner tonight!

These mouthwatering cheesecake bars are worth every calorie. Creamy cheesecake, yummy apple topping and drizzled in caramel. Yummy!

This pumpkin bread is so moist and delicious, no one will believe that it has no sugar, no butter and only whole wheat flour! Healthy enough for breakfast, but yummy enough for a special treat!

If you’re like me you use a lot of pumpkin pie spice in the fall. I’ve been using this recipe for a few years and love it! Cheaper and healthier than what you buy in the store. Make up a bunch and use it all season!